Our property manuals are custom tailored to our Client’s homes and properties. In today’s age of sophisticated and integrated systems, it’s important to know what is installed and how to keep it functioning properly.

Physical inventory of all the systems and equipment are logged and categorized. Then each system is evaluated and documented for use, service and maintenance. These systems are then prioritized and an optimal service calendar is created. Each sub system is documented in an easy to read format, with photos and commentary.  The compilation of the sub systems manual is collated and organized with a cross reference index. The manual is organized so that in an emergency the proper information for shut downs and access is easily found.

These manuals can also be tailored to non priority systems and other custom tasks such as: Pools, Irrigation, Lawn/Garden, Food Stocks, Wine Storage, Vehicle Maintenance, etc..

Each section incorporates a recommended maintenance program.

Easy to thumb through, color-coded sections that include:

  • Quick-Contact information
  • HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Utilities, Pool-Spa, Audio-Video, Tel-com, Security, Landscaping, etc.
  • A detailed maintenance program for each section enables the end-user to understand what components require service and when.


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